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I’ve always known something was wrong in the world. I never felt content. I was always searching for understanding. I’ve always been drawn to the Bible, movies concerning the Bible. I would watch The Greatest Story Ever Told, over and over again. I would watch The Ten Commandments repeatedly throughout the year!!  I’ve attended many different churches, even attended seminary school, constantly searching for the truth.

A little over ten years ago, my sister in law suddenly and tragically died from the swine-flu. This event was to serve as the catalyst for what you see today.  I was not going to let her death be in vain. I would not just revert back to status quo a couple months after her death. My search for truth had now turned into an obsession.  I was reading my Bible even more, but.... I couldn’t understand it.  I started to study Egypt, because I thought we were Africans.  I happened to be on YouTube and a video about Hebrew Israelites popped up as a suggestion. That was THE KEY!!  Once I realized that the Bible was about us......  then I began to chase the Father even more. A brother in this truth of mine was awakened at the exact same time as I was and we’ve been going deep into this truth ever since.

After a couple years the truth started to become stagnant. We got the book of Enoch and the spirit of rejuvenation came on me and I realized there were so many books that have been hidden. Then a life changing Illness came over me.  I was hospitalized with heart issues. This was a shock, but what The Devil meant for evil The Father meant for good. I received months of time to study like never before. I recovered and a few of my brethren encouraged me to make videos. I never really felt called to do that. I didn’t feel as if I knew enough, but The Most High was preparing me for this my whole life.

The channel was pretty much my son who was in sixth grade and myself. We were just shooting videos with my camera in my living room or at times in my car if I wanted a change of scenery. My son and I would say, we can make the next video when the views top a hundred!!!!  My how The Father has blessed this channel to what it is today.

A couple years ago, the heart issue returned, even worse this time. The Father pulled me through, with the support of my family,  and I’m still here today!!  If you look back you will see a video that says my ministry was complete. I thought I was finished making videos. Every time I made a video I was weak. My body wasn’t strong enough to continue!!!!  But all praises to The Most a High He brought me back, stronger than ever and He is responsible for what you see today!!!  In order to build you up, The Father will break you down!!!  

I am not the man I was before, just like many of you, we are better!!!  You have seen my growth over these last few years, and many of you have grown with me!!  Through all the naysayers and personal attacks, The Father has made me stronger!!  We are going home family!!!   Let’s finish strong, so we can hear, WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!!  


Yet the LORD set his affection on your ancestors and loved them, and he chose you, their descendants, above all the nations – as it is today.

Deuteronomy 10:15

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